25% Cash rebate

A 25% cash rebate for film and tv proposed to start in early 2017 by the Finnish government

The results of many years of lobbying are finally starting to pay off as the Finnish government has proposed to put a cash rebate incentive into action starting from next year. The cash rebate will be applicable for feature films, fiction series, documentary films, and animations. For the productions that meet the criteria, 25% of the expenses from money spent on local goods, services and salaries within the production work implemented in Finland will be accepted for the rebate.

The network of Finnish Film Commissions has been a significant actor in the process of pushing forward the incentive. National and regional commissions are delighted with the government's proposition. The incentive will strengthen Finland's position in the market for shooting locations significantly, in addition to versatile landscapes, good infrastructure, and experienced employees.

The decision still awaits final approval from the Parliament. Tekes - The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation will be managing the instrument. More detailed instructions and criteria will be established after the final decisions are made.

Regional Film Commissions in Finland:

Finnish Lapland Film Commission www.filmlapland.fi

North Finland Film Commission http://www.nffc.fi

West Finland Film Commission http://www.wffc.fi

East Finland Film Commission http://www.effc.fi

South East Finland Film Commission http://www.seffc.fi