There are four regional film commissions in Finland, which assist all film, TV and commercials productions to find the best locations and services in their area.


Many of the Finland's biggest cities, including capital city Helsinki, are located in South Finland, but there are also many forests, lakes, and a beautiful archipelago in the region.

Regional Contacts

East Finland Film Commission
Vast forests and seemingly infinite lake settings, as well as the consistent winter environment, serve as an inspiration for filmmakers in East Finland. Small towns are easily accessible and boast a variety of functional and disused factories and mills that offer potential as locations and backdrops. The East Finland Film Commission promotes the unblemished beauty of the region and coordinates the local infrastructure for visiting productions.
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West Finland Film Commission
Close to the largest archipelage in the world, West Finland offers production companies a uniquely beautiful production environment amid a medieval city milieu. From the dense group of islands, some inhabited and others rural and rugged, to country villages and technology hubs, it is a place for productions of all sizes.
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South East Finland Film Commission
SEFFC welcomes film, commercials and television productions to shoot in South-Eastern diverse landscapes and to make use of the country's high standard infrastructure and skilled professionals.
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North Finland, which includes Lapland, is known for its wildnerness areas and guaranteed snow during the wintertime. There are also plenty of northern industrial milieus.

Regional Contacts

North Finland Film Commission
Frozen harbours, Siberian tundra, northern industrial milieus and wild unspoilt nature... ever fancy filming in such a location? It is possible to shoot such scenes close to the necessary production amenities in Northern Finland. The North Finland Film Commission serves production teams by offering local expertise and a reliable cooperation network across the region.
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Finnish Lapland Film Commission
Unspoilt Arctic landscapes, village scenes, snow and ice, and breath-taking light shows in the sky are just some of the locations the Finnish Lapland Film Commission can offer productions interested in filming in the great north. Due to Lapland's long tradition as a hub of tourism, accessibility and services are excellent all around Lapland. While filming in the wilderness, you can practically fly into an Arctic landscape and then rest in a high quality hotel.
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